About us

The European Center for Non-Governmental Projects is a conceptual and analytical institution whose main goal is to strengthen and empower Poland on many levels of European integration, as well as to initiate public debate aimed at defining ambitious international policy goals, including regional policies within such existing and emerging integration structures as the European Union, the Three Seas Initiative, and the Visegrad Group.

Our understanding of the common interest is based on the assumption that the creation and implementation of the state’s public policy should be preceded by substantive discussion thas takes into account the differing perspectives and interests of different social groups. Therefore, the activities of the European Center for Non-Governmental Projects involve experts from Poland and abroad, former employees of public administration at various levels, and former diplomats, i.e., people who have been involved in constructing systemic solutions for public administration.

The activities of the European Center for Non-Governmental Projects are focused around:

  • analysis of international relations, especially the relations and structures of regional integration;
  • state security, especially in the scope of energy security;
  • development of an ecosystem of innovation in Poland and Europe;
  • the digital economy;
  • public administration reforms;
  • employment market analysis;
  • social security system reforms;
  • dialogue with social institutions, including organizations from the “Third Sector”.