Energy&Climate Hub

The first Polish youth think-tank dedicated to the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, energy and the role of citizens in shaping a nature-friendly world. Giving a voice to young people, listening to their ideas and noticing their impact on the changing reality will allow us to look at climate issues from a new perspective. Young people, with the help of experts, specialists and people who are highly experienced in this field, will prepare analyses, summaries and discuss the problems of today’s world in the context of climate change. The wide range of topics will allow for an in-depth understanding of environmental issues, challenges and opportunities. Informal climate education, attention to the economic and energy transformation, and the recognition of the potential of young people – these are just some of the few issues on which the analyses prepared by young people will focus. The creation of the think-tank in 2020 is not accidental either. Finalising the discussion on the European Green Deal and starting efforts to achieve climate neutrality in 2050 mobilises not only Europeans but the whole world to take decisive climate action. The ongoing climate strikes organised by young people have led to an increase in the awareness of millions of people about the challenges of environmental degradation. Following the results of the think-tank’s work will be an opportunity to discover ecological issues, deepen knowledge or verify the proposals presented. Various issues and an interesting form will additionally emphasize the great importance of the subject of climate change.